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Are there therapies available to treat COVID-19?

Scientists are currently testing different types of antivirals that work against influenza, HIV, and even Ebola, to see if they are effective against COVID-19 virus. Remdesivir is the only treatment that's been shown in a clinical trial to have an effect on COVID-19 so far. Preliminary results from that trial, which included sites worldwide, found that the drug reduced patients' length of hospital stay by about four days, from 15 days, on average, to 11 days. The ongoing trial did not show the drug had a significant impact on deaths. In addition, there are clinical trials of other drugs, including favipiravir, ribavirin and galidesivir.

The Milken Institute is curating a resource that tracks COVID-19 treatments and vaccine progress.

Drafted: 27 May 2020

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