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How did vaccine-makers create this vaccine so quickly, doesn't it usually take much longer?

While vaccines do normally take longer, governments and companies all around the world have invested billions of dollars and worked with the top experts to get vaccines as soon as possible because so many people are at risk due to COVID-19.

There are a number of factors that helped them get it done so fast. First, COVID-19 is caused by a coronavirus, which is a type of virus. There are other types of coronaviruses in the world, and people were already working on vaccines for other coronaviruses which gave them a head start. Second, companies, governments and universities from every country worked together and used the most advanced technology on the development of this vaccine. The most experienced people on vaccines in the world, with billions of dollars to aid them and millions of lives at stake have worked tirelessly to create the COVID-19 vaccine as quickly as possible. This all-in effort has resulted in not just one possible vaccine, but multiple candidates. At the same time, the vaccines are still put through trials and tests for safety and efficacy.

Drafted 18 December 2020

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