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I never get the flu shot, why should I get vaccinated for COVID-19?

Even though most people who have COVID-19 do not die, the disease is still much more deadly than influenza, and is easily spread from one person to another - possibly to someone who is very vulnerable to the disease, and who will die.

We are also still learning about the long-term effects of COVID-19 in those who survive, and in many cases, long-term effects of COVID-19 appear to be substantial. Getting vaccinated protects you, your family, and your community from the consequences of COVID-19, including death.

When you get vaccinated, you help decrease the case rates of COVID-19 and end the pandemic. In this way, you are protecting loved ones and those who are most likely to die from COVID-19. Lastly, getting vaccinated helps our hospitals stay open to everyone needing care, since it reduces the number of COVID-19 patients seeking care at hospitals.

Also, everyone is encouraged to get a flu shot!

Drafted 18 December 2020

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