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What if I have antibodies to the coronavirus, does that mean I still need the COVID-19 vaccine?

After vaccination your body will produce antibodies which protect you from getting COVID-19. In addition to those who are vaccinated, people who survived a case of COVID-19 may also have antibodies. However, we don't know how long antibodies against the coronavirus last. Also, current tests for antibodies are not necessarily reliable. Therefore, even if you had, or think you have had, COVID-19 already, you should still plan to get vaccinated.

Based on results from four studies published (but not yet peer-reviewed) in February 2021, people previously infected with COVID-19 will benefit from at least one vaccine dose. There is evidence that a second dose may not be as helpful for building an immune response in previously infected individuals. The updated CDC guidance still recommends administration of two doses.

Updated 19 February 2021

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